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First of all, I am indebted to Ms Show Ei Ei Tun (aka) Mawchi at Eastern College in Pennsylvania who introduced me to the world's fastest-growing technology, the world wide web.Before we met, I was ignorant because I came from a town in Burma, where there were only two computers in the whole township. Actually, this project took me far beyond the intellectual territory with which I had been familiar. Fortunately, people near and far were willing to guide me. Daniel Weber, and Htaw P. Htoo, computer science major students at Judson College in Illinois and Indiana-Purdue University respectively, were also generous with their time and provided me with critical comments and expert advice. Thanks also to Joey Tun who told me to use such search-engines as yahoo ,and infoseek to find the topics on which I would like to research. My thanks also go to Adam Maung and Tansy J. Kadoe for their concern, encouragement and advice. Such nice people as Rev. Randy Creath, David and Doris