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Articles from Computer Journal

I read two articles from Computer Journal and I wanted to share some excerpts here. Professor Dr. Kochiro Ochimizu from Hankuk Aviation University, who took part in the First International Conference on Compuer Applications in Yangon, said, in an interview by Myanmar Computer Journal, that Burmese students are hardworking and motivated to learn. For Computer PhD students, only one thing is lacking in Burma -- a condusive environment. ..... A PhD candidate (Computer Science University here in Burma now has Ph.D. candidates) will need to have full access to the Internet for his professional research so he can see and interact with the real world out there. (sic.) -- International Conference on Computer Applications (2003, February). Computer Journal, No. 108, pp. 50-56. The following is another one. Computer Journal also contains news on BaganNet. According to the report, BaganNet currently has 8000 subscribers and 300 broadband users. The reporter said that the BaganNet service is


ALOHA 2 (February, 2003)

Auntie June

I stopped by to see Auntie June who is visiting from Los Angeles. It was very exciting to see her because I met her in Fort Wayne, IN late November. I met her again in L.A in December and now in Burma in February. It's so wonderful to see somebody three times in three months in three different places that are thousand miles apart.

Surfing the Internet in Burma

I was able to borrow PCMCIA modem to use with my laptop. Therefore, I surfed the web for the very first time from Burma. It seems very nice. Many useful sites are open. I was surprised, to be honest. I didn't expect them to open this much. Anyway, they use Squid proxy server and DansGuardian content filtering software to control our access.


I went to a seminar this morning. The seminar was about teaching English. Louis Young from Cetana Foundation led the workshop. Louis then led the discussion on teaching English.