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ALOHA 5 (May, 2003)

Teaching at MIT

Teaching entrepreneurship to third year students was really fun. They were asking me all sorts of questions after the class about how it was to be a student in the States. I think we were able to put them in the mood to do self-study. I was happy to be able to accomplish one of our objectives. Neil, Lwin Moe and BARS seniors Neil, Lwin Moe and BARS juniors

Toll free number from Bagan Net

I have been enjoying teaching lately. It's been a busy week fixing computers at the Myanmar Institute of Theology Library and teaching a lot of classes. BaganNet finally has a toll free number for its users. We can call free of charge to log into the server. Otherwise, it's 15 Kyats a minute from one of my uncle's house or 15 cents a minute from the other uncle. MPT is ripping us off, I guess. The toll free number that the BaganNet gave us is 146. I have no idea what the long term plan is but sooner or later, that number will be jammed. It's a very smart solution they provide. Otherwise, nobody will be able to go online because of the phone charges from MPT. I wish I could go into the communication business here.

Teaching in Burma

I started teaching last week. It was fun with all these kids. I feel my life is useful here. Diana and I teach English at Mon Baptist Church and it's so satisfying to learn that the kids all appreciate it. BARS students are all excited to be back to school. Some of them went on internship trips to several parts of the country and it's so exciting to learn about their experiences. I hope that they all have some interesting experiences. It's been very hot these days. But lucky enough, the place where Neil, Diana and I live has air-conditioning. So it helps. I went to Nyaung Ywa today and learned about the poor living conditions of those people there. Oh, today is Mother's day and I wish Happy Mother's day to all mothers of the world!!!!!

A beautiful evening in Rangoon (Yangon), Burma

Fort Wayne folks talking and relaxing at Say Plah's house. Left-right: Say Plah, Neil Sowards, Diana Sowards, Jim, and Lwin Moe