Bagan Net

BaganNet is quite improving these days in terms of speed and access phone number. We now have toll free numbers so we don't have to pay 15 Kyats a minute to Myanmar Post and Telecommunication.

I applied for the Internet access because I need it to study for my online Master degree program from Colorado State University in the USA.

Customer Service
Bagan Cybertech Co. Ltd.
Hlaing University Campus Road
Hlaing, Yangon

June 12, 2003

Dear Sir/Madam:

I have been admitted to Colorado State University's online graduate program for Computer Science specializing in Networking. I will have to start my studies this coming Fall semester.

I am a professor of Computer Science at the Myanmar Institute of Theology and to keep up with the new developments in the field of Computer Science, I need the full Internet access.

Therefore, I would like to request the full Internet access so I can do my research and Graduate studies. I would like to have telnet and ftp access so I can log into the university Unix server in the States to do my assignment. My customer ID from BaganNet is 03000781.

I attached the notice of admission from Colorado State University.


Lwin Moe
Myanmar Institute of Theology
Seminary Hill, Insein

I don't know what I am going to do if I don't get the Internet access. I might have to give up the idea of going to graduate school online. BaganNet said they give the Internet access to professionals. I don't understand why I don't count as a professional. Right now I am a computer scientist without the Internet access.


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