Development of my home town

I am back in Mudon, a small town south of Moulmein. There was electricity
for about 10 hours today. It was like a miracle. Here is how Mudon has
developed. When I was young back in the late 70s, we had electricity all day
and all night. In early 80s, when I was in Kindergarten and primary school, we
had electricity every other night and all day. In the late 80s, we had
electricity all day, no electricity at night. In the early 90s, when I was in
high school, there was no regular electricity. I had to study with a kerosene
lamp. I don't know about the late 90s because I was in Rangoon (Yangon). When
I came back from the States in 2002, there was electricity for about 2 hours
in 10 days. These are the development stages of a small town in the Southern
part of Burma, about 90 miles from Thailand border.

I was amazed at the development of our town into the 21st century. :-)


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