Ode to Insein

Insein. Insane?
Your fighter jets keep ripping up the sky above my head!
Insein. Insane?
Your Buddhist monks start chanting chants when I am still in bed!
Insein. Insane?
Your Hindus drum and drum on drums and keep me up all night!
Insein. Insane?
To hear my students speak in class I must put up a fight!
Chin, Kachin, Karen, Kayin. Help me! Please! I'm so confused!
Reading off the list of names, I hear their "Ha Ha Ha's" and "Hoo's."
Hmmmmmm. Uh huh. I get it now. You're not the one to blame.
It's me, not you, who's losing it. Insein is just your name.
OJ from Canada, Lwin Moe and Bob Winter, fine professors at MIT :-) ----- in front of MIT library

Note: This is the poem Bob Winter, an English teacher from BARS, wrote. Insein is the name of the place where our school, MIT, is.

Bob and Lwin Moe

OJ and Lwin Moe at Ashee teashop, MIT campus (OJ teaches linguistics at BARS)


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