Dagon Center Shopping Mall

Today, I went to the Dagon Center Shopping Mall to use the Internet. I have
been helping a friend who just got hired as a photographer for AFP news
agency. He doesn’t know much about computers and so I have been helping
him download his digital pictures from his camera and sending them to his boss
in Thailand. This is his probation period and it’s kind of important for
him to become permanent. I am afraid that it is going to have impact on me
because of his involvement in taking political pictures. But if I am of help
to changing somebody’s life because he wanted this job very much, I
think it’s worth helping him. Besides, jobs are scarce here, especially
jobs that pay about $ 300 a month.

At the Internet Café, they took users' fingerprint scans and I don’t understand why. It seemed strange. Burma is a strange place anyways.

Oh, good news is that we now have the rules changed from our ISP, BaganNet. Every dial-up user can access the censored Internet. Free web mail such as Yahoo and Hotmail, free web hosting, political sites and pornography are banned. But the rest are opened now. Burma is changing slowly.

I am so tired helping him all day today and I guess I am going to doze off.


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