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Happy New Year!

I hope you had fun welcoming a new year My Internet Access I am still not happy that my dial-up account doesn't have telnet, ssh access to a server outside Burma. What a shame! Signing up for free e-mails from yahoo and hotmail is also banned. The following picture is the denied access page to Yahoo free e-mail site. Google search for Diversity Visa Lottery from US banned BARS (Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies program at Myanmar Institute of Theology) BARS started again last week after Christmas break. It was wonderful to be back from our mission trip. We went to Kya Inn Seik Ky, southern Burma. We had learned so much about rural lives from the trip. Watching "Survivor" doesn't feel like a real thing. Here is the real people living the real lives. Some of the students from our group washed their faces using the water to wash visitors' feet. In villages, they have big pots of water in front of their houses for their visitors to wa


ALOHA 11 (January 5, 2004)