Bypassing Bagan

Not much electricity lately. BaganNet has allowed its dial-up users the Internet access through tight firewall rules using DansGuardian content filtering software and squid proxy server. Many websites are still banned. is one of them.,, and almost all free web hosting services. Definitely The list goes on.

Still people are figuring out how to bypass the firewall. I have seen local kids going to banned sites using proxy services even at the local Internet cafes.

Free e-mails are banned but kids are figuring out how to use thousands of open free e-mail sites. Such as,,, and the list goes on.

Kids are definitely catching up.

Oh, no ssh, ftp access for its dial-up users yet.

The price of the dial-up access has gone down from 48,000 Kyats to 28,000 Kyats.

By the way, famous actor Lwin Moe from Burma has got his website up and running at Not to be confused with me.

I am not an actor. I am not a star and I don't even have my own car :-) Here is an ordianary citizen, me, listening to BBC in Nan Sam Yang village, northern Burma in Kachin State.


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