Web server down

It seems a while I have a chance to update my diary. My webserver http://dmw.mine.nu is down and I couldn't find out a reason yet. I contacted my another friend in Germany who said he could help. Now my site is up again on another address.

A lot has happened recently. I have been giving speeches on Information Technology and education at several places in Mon State.

I also met a Swedish pastor whose group helped the Myanmar Institute of Theology buy some new computers for the library use. They also helped many other projects here in Burma. I have been extremely busy buying, maintaining those computers and giving speeches at several places. I enjoy I have a chance to change many lives.

Here is a picture of me and Owe Kennerberg buying new computers for MIT library. Owe Kennerberg is a senior lecturer in Systematic Theology at the Stockholm School of Theology in Sweden.

Money to buy new computers

I will update more after my dmw.mine.nu server is up. It will be a while. Check my site later. Bye for now.


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