Love gifts

One of the nice things about working at the Myanmar Institute of Theology (MIT) is occasional gifts from friends outside and inside Burma. An anonymous friend donated a gift of 25,000 Kyats (US$ 25) to all the staff a few months ago. It really helped.

I had about 100 Kyats in my wallet a few days ago. Paul Aita walked into the computer lab where I was working. He had an envelope. Written on it was:

To: Lwin Moe
From: Gail & Paul Aita on behalf of American Baptist Women

Inside the envelope was 22,000 kyats (US$ 22). It was the right time I needed some money. It is still the middle of the month and my paycheck won't come until the end of the month. I am still surviving with that 22,000 kyats so far :-) :-) probably until the end of the month :-) Thanks to the Aitas and the American Baptist Women.

Anyways, MIT is really thriving with the staff who are overworked and underpaid. It's really amazing how people can work so hard just in faith. Occasional gifts really makes a difference in their lives, especially those with kids and wife. It is also true in many seminaries and churches in Burma.


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