Consultant Job in Laos

I just want to let you know that I got the IT consultant job in Laos. I will start getting ready, applying passport and everything. I will have to be in Laos by mid-October.

I will start to breathe the air of freedom again. For about six months, of course.

Gmail banned in Burma

I just found out that was banned in Burma two days after I got the account. Gmail is a free web mail in beta testing stage from, the best search engine I ever used. Only a beta tester can sign up for the account. The public can't get an account from gmail yet. But my lovely ISP, BaganNet, banned the site two days after I got the account. Well, can't wait to get out and surf the web freely without any "access denied" message. I love Burma and BARS, but I want to feel what it is like to be free again, at least for 6 months. :-)

Access Denied Message from my lovely ISP


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