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I have been using to read news and go to banned sites.

Passport application

I finally got my passport today. What a long and depressing headache to go through! I applied for it on October 5. I even wrote some experiences in my ALOHA .

Cute Burmese kids playing!



I was trying to register with some free web hosting services. After a lot of "DansGuardian - Access Denied" messages, I was successfully able to register at a few sites. However, when I tried to log into one of the services, I found my access completely denied because the server was using port 445 to listen to my log-in attempt. My proxy server from BaganNet didn't allow any traffic to non-standard (non-8080/80) ports. It was a bummer. This morning, I went to Kan Daw Gyi Park in Rangoon (Yangon) because BARS computer science students had a retreat to welcome freshmen. Here are some pictures. The Sign said "10,000 Kyats Fine for Trashing" A Beautiful Scene in Kan Daw Gyi Park

Conversation with a taxi driver

The taxi driver on my way home from University Avenue told me how people were upset with the recent political changes and how many people had real difficulties making ends meet these days. I paid him Kyats 1,800 for the trip. It's 9 % of my monthly salary at the Myanmar Institute of Theology. Guess how much I make a month :-) :-)


Recent changes in Burmese politics cause delays in my passport application process. The power struggle between the generals reminds me of the days of the Burmese dynasty. It's like killing each other to get the throne. Unfortunately, those who suffer are people like us, the powerless and the poor. I am hoping to get my passport soon. My consultant job in Laos is impatiently waiting for me.