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Christmas in Laos

Merry X'mas to you all. We had a Christmas party at the Digital Divide Data Laos office. Well, my Christmas this year was untypical. I worked during the day since Christmas was not an official holiday in Laos. Unfortunately, because of multinational businesses' taking advantage of law in countries like Laos, they have to work on Saturdays, meaning Christmas was a working day. :-) However, we had a nice little Christmas party after work. Well, the weather here is, of course, not snowing. A perfect Fall day, you would say, if you are from the Mid-west of America. Even though most people in the office are Buddhists, they celebrated Christmas for fun :-) Here is a picture of a Buddhist shrine with Santa.


This is the article I read today. Something to think about Burma. In "Mystique outweighs morality for Myanmar tourists ", the author mentioned the desire of many tourists who want to visit Burma instead of sanctions and political problems. A good remark by a Swiss backpacker: “If you start thinking about not coming here because of the government, you will have to start thinking about whether to go to China, Laos, Tibet, or even the United States,” said Swiss backpacker Marcel Schonenberger.

I read this article about Burmese economy.

Dinner at DDD, Vientiane

Here is a picture of us eating dinner at the Digital Divide Data Laos office. It's much fun to learn about Laos and the culture and the people :-) People in the picture: (Left - right) Lwin Moe, Moukda, Phonekham, Teuanchit, Somkhith, Keo.


ALOHA 18 (December 10, 2004)

I got to Vientiane, Laos today

Bangkok City

I left for Bangkok today. I was picked up at the airport by Uncle Tun Thein, Uncle Soe Myint and Ko Zaw Zaw. The Bridge on the River Kwai Mon dress at the museum of Mon Studies Center Lwin Moe with a Karen family at a village near Thai-Burma border Three pagodas on Thai-Burma border

Htay Kywe

Ko Htay Kywe (ဌေးကြွယ်) and me. The picture was taken this morning. Ko Htay Kywe spent about 14 years in prison for his political involvment in 1988 student movement.