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Burmese blogger, Dathana

Here is another blogger with the same interest as me :-) --- technology, Burma, and freedom.


ALOHA 20 (May 23, 2005)

Leaving Laos

I left from Lao today. I finished my contract with Digital Divide Data ( ). We had farewell on the 12th. Grace singing, Thongchangh and Lwin Moe

Freedom of Dress?

I know many university students in Burma don't want to wear uniforms :-) Here is what Bogyoke Aung San and U Thant debated about the dress code in school from the New Era Journal. At my old school, Yenangyaung, this system of uniform dress is not foisted upon us; the teachers first set the example and we follow it voluntarily. In my case, the idea of brotherhood is an ordered thing to me after I have adopted the uniform dress of Pinni, and I come to know only then that it is not a social stigma on anybody to wear Pinni. I remember how my friends and myself paraded together with our heads held up high wearing the newly adopted uniform clothes in going out for boating, to football matches, examination halls and on National day. We didn't then think that our personal freedom had tremendously impaired. And this brings me to say again that freedom of dress is not essential to the development of p