Rangoon International Airport

I flew back to Burma this morning. Everything seemed to work fine at the airport. I just told them I was a student. The immigration officers asked me some questions about my passport. He was suspicious that I was working abroad. My passport was renewed in Washington D.C. while I was a student in the States. I renewed it again in Burma before I left for Laos last December. I renewed it again in Bangkok a few days ago. He was suspicious that I couldn't be a student for that long since 1998. :-)

I told him I travelled for research purposes, and he let me go. I had to wait for a long time to get my suitcases. I went through custom officials and one of the officers checked my backpack. It all went fine because I had books in my backpack. Lucky enough, she didn't find my laptop in it. Come on, what's wrong with bringing in a laptop into the country? :-) Even in Lao, they didn't search me like that.

At least, I had a better experience than my last time coming back from the States. Nobody asked chocolates from me this time :-)


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