Myanmar being slashdotted :-) for its Internet censorship

In the world of computer scientists/geeks, being 'slashdotted' is an honor :-) Today, an article concerning Myanmar's Internet is being slashdotted :-) Isn't it a fun thing to be in Burma? :-)

Myanmar slashdotted

Study Says Software Makers Supply Tools to Censor Web

Fortinet, a company in Sunnyvale, California, is supplying filtering software to censor the Internet in Burma

Bus trip home

I came home from Myay Ni Gone at about 6:00 in the evening. There were a lot of people at the bus-stop. When I got on a bus, it was crowded and I decided to go to the back of the bus. The conductor of the bus shouting at everybody to go to the back. He wants to have more passengers. A poor mother was sitting on the floor, breast-feeding her baby. A father was holding his baby in his arms. The scenes I would miss if I take a taxi or if I am out of the country. The general public of Burma and their daily lives are very interesting. It would be both disappointing and rewarding at the same time if you take a bus during rush hours.

The following picture was taken from Times magazine. I don't remember who took the picture.

The dream is Honda, but the reality is the bus (Photo source: unknown)

Neil and Diana Sowards, my host-parents, took the following picture in Burma


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