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Blogs I have been reading these days

Blog of Nyein Chan Yar Arloo Speaking Out Loud by Mady June Me, Myself and Mayvelous I have to say I am glad to see many people from Burma blogging. Back in 1998 when I was in the States, there were not many web sites about Burma except by the activists, such as . Back then, the Internet was just starting to grow up. I remember using a very old version of Netscape to go online from my Alma Mater, Indian-Purdue University . The Internet has come a long way since then. So are web sites from Burma. My web site has been up and running since May 1998 and I can't believe time flies whether you are having fun or not ;-) My old web site was at the student web server from my school. It no longer exists because I am not a student there any more. Dr. Than Tun, the great historian, died today. He is a great scholar. He came to MIT once to talk about how to do research on h

Proxies that are still accessible from Burma

Recently, BaganNet , the only ISP in Burma, has updated its filtering software and many proxies that have been used by young folks in Burma have been banned. Here are some that are still openly accessible for you to enjoy.

Arriving in Bangkok

I arrived in Bangkok today. I started surfing the Internet with free and high-speed access. No more proxy services needed to read the Irrawaddy. Isn't freedom of information a great thing? We sure need that in Burma.


ALOHA 25 (November 1, 2005)