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Mahatma Gandhi's words

First they ignore you. Then they laugh about you. Then they fight you. And then you win. Mahatma Gandhi

Bon Von - Ya Know The Name (Burma)

A nice song. You might find this song interesting. He has style. He used Burmese instrument and created a nice song. He was short-listed as the best 20 out of 1,100 entries from all over the world in the search for the world's best young band. The search was organized by BBC. The Nominees Listen to Bon Von on BBC

Proposed Burmese flag design?

Here is the news from the New Light of Myanmar New Burmese flag design?

Time flies

I can't believe that it's November already. Time flies whether you are having fun or not. Final exams will be coming up soon and projects will be due. I don't want to think about those yet :)

Torpak Browser to bypass firewall

I came across Torpark , which is based on Firefox browser. I thought it might be useful in Burma. The technology is based on P2P like connection with its peers. I am not sure it will work behind the Bagan firewall in Burma. In case it does, there you have it. Test and try it out, folks in Burma.

ALOHA from the Land of Smiles

October 15, 2006 Sawadee Khrap (in Thai), Min Ga La Bar (in Burmese), How are you (in English :-) ? "The black coffee is as ... black as the devil ... ... hot as hell ... ... pure as an angel ... and sweet as love!" My friends and I were sipping cappuccino and espresso, sitting at the Black Canyon Cafe at the Major Cineplex movie theatre in Bangkok, and enjoying our Saturday evening after excruciating midterms. People were crossing by as if the world centered around them. After finishing our cappuccino and espresso, we went to the theatre and enjoyed The Departed , in which Billy Costigan (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Colin Sullivan (Matt Damon) compete for the attention of the audience. It was a good movie. The movie finished around 11:30. We took a taxi with five people squeezing in the back seat and one in the front. It was fun, just like in Burma. It reminded me of my Burmese students and Burma. My students from the Myanmar Institute of Theology and I went

Burmese Information minister dodges question on detained students The information minister of Burma's military junta, the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC), tried to avoid questions posed to him by journalists on the detention of 88 Generation Student leaders, according to journalists who don't want to be named.

Thai military coup

I don't think some Thai people realize that the military coup is actually a major setback for democracy in Thailand in the 21st century. Now the Burmese regime has an excuse saying that even Thailand needs military coup. Too bad for democratic reforms in Burma.

My student life at the Asian Institute of Technology

Doing homework with friends or chatting? :) Nang Mo Phaung, a young Shan lady, and Ko Latt, Information Management students, studying? Photo courtesy: Yin Aye Moe

Former Student Leaders arrested on NLD's birthday

Ko Htay Kywe, Ko Ko Gyi and Min Ko Naing were arrested. And it's going to be brief according to an official at the ministry of home affairs.

Opinions concerning recent military coup in Thailand

A senior Asean diplomat commented that this represents reversion to a pattern deeply embedded in Thailand's political DNA. It will set back Thailand many years. The real tragedy is that the Bangkok elite do not realize this and seem to be congratulating themselves over getting rid of a legitimately elected leader. The diplomat added: "Yes, Thaksin was arrogant. But he wanted to change Thailand, and Thailand needs to be changed to meet 21st Century challenges. This was his real sin in the eyes of the Bangkok elite." By Dan Smith for

All businesses closed today in Thailand because of military coup

The military junta in Thailand has ordered all businesses closed today. We have no school. All the International news stations have been cut. The internet seems the only source of news about the updates. The Thai generals even sound like Burmese generals if you read the statement from yesterday. :) Well, the good point is I can relax at home today. I don't have any classes. At 3:52 AM, BBC and CNN are dropped from UBC, the key cable network provider. Doesn't it sound like blocking access to information?

Political instability in Thailand

Statement from the military reformist The following is the statement from the miliary reformist. There has been social division like never before. Each side has been trying to conquer another with all possible means and the situation tends to intensify with growing doubts on the administration amid widespread reported corruption. State units and independent organisations have been politically meddled, not able to deliver their services as specified in the Constitution. The administration is also usually bordering on "lest majest" actions against the revered King. Despite attempts from social units for compromises, there is no way to end the conflicts. The revolution body thus needs to seize power. We have no intention to rule but to return the power to the people as soon as possible, to preserve peace and honour the King who is the most revered to all Thais.

Adjusting to AIT campus

I haven't been able to update my diary for a while now. I am crazy adjusting to my new campus at Asian Institute of Technology. I am back to studying again after all these years of idling in Burma, Laos and Thailand. I chose to study at AIT in Bangkok. Many people were surprised why I didn't choose the US. It is because I have been involved in computational linguistics projects related to Burmese, Mon, Karen and Shan. And I like Asia.

Myanmar's ambassador to the Philippines

From: Myanmar's ambassador to the Philippines Thaung Tun denied allegations of human rights abuses in the military-ruled state and dismissed international pressure to win Aung San Suu Kyi's release. The ambassador may be right. There are no human rights abuses in Burma. :-) It was only that in some villages, the village authorities just ask for volunteer services of villagers whether they want to do it or not. Villagers are afraid of authorities and there is no freedom of speech. Villagers also have to be afraid of anybody with guns whether they are government soldiers or anti-government groups.

Web-based chat clients for people in Burma

I came across some web-based chat clients. I thought it might be useful for people in Burma for accessing banned chat platform.

Shoes stolen in Bangkok

Last night, there were some thieves who broke into my friend's house. We had all the shoes stolen. Today, I bought a new Adidas shoe. My last shoe, which I bought from the US and used for 4 years, has finally been stolen. It's time for a new one.

Rambo in Burma

If you want to settle in the States, Australia, Canada or England, reconsider that plan. Rambo is thinking about retiring in Bangkok, Thailand. And he is going to Burma for another mission. :-) Come live in Burma :-) From the Sun Online:,,2004580002-2006350287,00.html Sly said: "I asked them [Soldier of Fortune magazine] what is the most critical man-doing-inhumanity-to-man situation right now in the world? Where is it? The answer was Burma." Sly outlined the plot, saying Vietnam war vet Rambo was now living a monastic lifestyle in Bangkok and salvaging old boats and tanks for scrap metal. He said: "It's like he's stripping himself down. That old piece of military equipment." When a group of volunteers bringing supplies into Burma disappears, a relative of one of the missing missionaries begs Rambo to find them. He heads off with a team of young guns to get the job done.

Getting back from Burma

I got back from Burma. I am helping with a web page for Nightly Devotion . This is for Burmese Christians abroad. I will write more about my experiences later.

Freedom of speech at Rangoon University Excerpts from Wiki article about General Aung San In February, 1936, he [Aung San] was expelled from the university, along with Ko Nu, for refusing to reveal the name of the author who wrote an article entitled "Hell Hound At Large" directed at a senior University official. This led to a university students strike, and the university subsequently retracted their expulsion orders. In 1938, Aung San was elected president of both the Rangoon University Students Union (RUSU) and the All-Burma Students Union (ABSU). In the same year, the government appointed him as a student representative on the Rangoon University Act Amendment Committee. Here is the article taken from : The Hell-Hound at Large Escaped from Awizi, a devil in the form of a black dog. Had been during his brief span on earth a base object of universal odium and execration, ̶ sentenced to Eternal Damnation for Treach

I read about a Karen choir leader in Chiang Mai at today's Bangkok Post Choir leader'splight to be highlighted Payap University in Chiang Mai will today hold a seminar to highlight the plight of the stateless musician Ayu Namtep and back calls for the granting of Thai citizenship to her. Thanaporn Panjira, head of the university's public relations and student enrolment office, said the seminar aims to provide encouragement to the ethnic Karen choirmistress, who has tried to secure Thai nationality throughout her life. At 51, Ayu Namtep has taught music at Payap University for 30 years. Her choir, Payap Sacred Music Singers, was chosen to compete in the World Choir Games, also known as the Choir Olympics, between Saturday and July 26 in Xiamen, south China. Not surprising why many stateless people along the border want to become Khon Thai (Thai Citizen). More opportunities and freedom compared to Burma. A loss of talents for Burma!

I read this news from Shanghai Daily Illgal Myanmar 'wives' return to home country Pulic security authorities in Xincai County, central China's Henan Province, repatriated six Myanmar women last week, who were illegal immigrants and had married locals. In the recent two years, "wives" from Myanmar have become an increasingly noticeable presence in some areas of the province. Poverty is considered a major reason for the illegal immigration of Myanmar women and illegal marriage. Citing Cai Xiangyang, a Myanmar language expert who worked as an interpreter in the case, the newspaper said in those less developed areas in Myanmar, some Myanmar people hoped to go to China to have a better life through marriage with Chinese. However, poverty is also a reason why some Henan people were willing to marry Myanmar women.

Myanmar Cartoons

Today, I checked out some cartoons from: Enjoy some Myanmar cartoons. Thanks to our Myanmar cartoonists and

News from today's Bangkokpost

Thai chopper fired by a Burmese soldier The Burmese military had admitted one of its soldiers fired at a Thai helicopter, but claimed he was acting on his own in the mistaken belief it was a helicopter of the Shan State Army, one of the largest ethnic groups fighting the military junta. The SSA has no helicopters. "Col Mya Han said the private was too young to assess the situation before firing his weapon," said Col Suthat, adding Col Mya Han had punished the private and his supervisor. The private was too young to assess the situation? Sounds like a good excuse! When reading between the line, it's also an admission of guilt that Burmese soliders are too young and anything can happen in the war zone. It is OK for soldiers to abuse local villagers in the war zone?

Updates about Myanmar Unicode

I checked Keith Stribley's on the current Unicode implementation for Burmese. I found out that he has done implementation for the new, proposed standard for Myanmar (which is still in the process of being accepted). Here is the converter to that standard. It can also convert Myanmar Unicode 4 to the proposed standard. His website has lots of information about Myanmar Unicode. Padauk has been the greatest Myanmar unicode font with excellent design. The only drawback is it uses Graphite rendering engine and requires a special build of Firefox, OpenOffice to use.

Updates about gmail/gtalk

Gmail is not accessible today. But Gtalk is.

Updates about gmail/gtalk

Gmail/Gtalk is accessible today in Burma.

Gmail blocked

It was rumored last January that Gmail and Gtalk would be banned. It is confirmed now. Many of my friends were frustrated. An official from Bagan Cybertech, the country's only Internet service provider, confirmed that both Google and gmail were inaccessible but declined to comment further. I truly hope that they will reconsider this. Some work-around to bypass Gmail Lite Search for keywords " gmail lite links " or anything related to gmail lite and you can find some links to check gmail (which are intended for mobile devices). http://

MIT education at your finger tips for free

In 1998 when I first went to the States to study, I dreamed that one day open and free online course materials will benefit all the unfortunate kids all over the world who couldn't afford to go to MIT or Harvard. Now MIT has its course materials available online FREE. Take advantage of it and get MIT education at your finger tips. I hope Burma will realize that Internet censorship is a bad thing after all. Open and free flow of information will benefit all people concerned down the road. Enjoy MIT courses here:

Aw Pi Kye's Wisdom

This joke is for Burmese people only :-) Sorry if you can't read Burmese. I got this from Mg Hla's blog .

69 Burmese women were sold in China

69 Burmese women were sold for as much as 20,000 yuan ($2,500) each in China. According to a report by Reuters, Chinese police in the poor, inland province of Henan have rounded up 69 women from Burma who were sold to farmers unable to find local wives, quoting a Chinese newspaper report. The women were smuggled into Xincai county from Burma some 4,000 km away, and sold for as much as 20,000 yuan ($2,500) each. Source: If you can read Chinese:

ALOHA from the Land of Smiles

June 18, 2006 Sawadee Khrap (in Thai), Min Ga La Bar (in Burmese), How are you (in English :-) ? It was hot and humid outside. The rain is so scanty in Bangkok. It is nothing comparable to Burmese rain forest. The cloudy sky made the weather hotter and more humid. Eighty degrees Fahrenheit plus 85 % relative humidity is something not pleasant to bear. Nevertheless, it was very nice and cool inside Bangkok Christ Church. Leaving a nice air-conditioned building, Steven, Mar Naw and I went to rent a car at Lumpinee Car Rent Center Co., Ltd. at 167/4 Wireless Road, Bangkok. Steven and Mar Naw were students from Burma, studying at St. Johns University in Bangkok. A tall, thin Stephen with a nice smile, was the best in Thai among us. After showing us around which car we could have, we needed to sign a rental agreement. Steven showed the office girl his passport. As soon as she saw the passport, she said we needed a Thai citizen's help to rent the car. She didn't say i

Renting a car in Bangkok

It was hot and humid outside. The rain is so scanty in Bangkok. It is nothing comparable to Burmese rain forest. The cloudy sky made the weather hotter and more humid. Eighty degrees Fahrenheit plus 85 % relative humidity is something not pleasant to bear. Nevertheless, it was very nice and cool inside Bangkok Christ Church. Leaving a nice air-conditioned building, Steven, Mar Naw and I went to rent a car at Lumpinee Car Rent Center Co., Ltd. at 167/4 Wireless Road, Bangkok. Steven and Mar Naw were students from Burma, studying at St. Johns University in Bangkok. A tall, thin Stephen with a nice smile, was the best in Thai among us. After showing us around which car we could have, we needed to sign a rental agreement. Steven showed the office girl his passport. As soon as she saw the passport, she said we needed a Thai citizen's help to rent the car. She didn't say it at first even though she knew that we were foreigners. Only after she saw his Burmese passport, she

Myanmar Unicode Fonts

I think it's time for me to write something about current status of Myanmar Unicode fonts. Recently I have been seeing many people using ZawGyi-One Unicode font on some blogs. So I installed that font on my system. I also had MyaZedi font installed. Yesterday, I installed a new one, MyMyanmar Unicode font. What I found out was that since they used different partial encodings, it messed up my Burmese language display. It's very bad that they all use their own partial encodings, not fully compliant to true Unicode standard. Padauk is the one and only almost-truly-Unicode-compliant. The only problem with Padauk is they use Graphite rendering engine. You need to install a special build of Graphite-enabled Firefox . Graphite rendering is slow for a very long Burmese page. And if you type in Padauk using Microsoft Word, it won't render correctly. You will also need a special Graphite-enabled word-processors such as OpenOffice . Myanmar1 from Myanmar Unicode and

MyMyanmar Unicode System

Image This Myanamr unicode font is said to be truly unicode compliant. Here is their font rendering our Burmese-English dictionary site correctly. Our dictionary will be released online soon here: . Right now, we are still doing development work on it. Countless hours of Perl coding!

China - Children of Blessing

I am right now watching a documentary called "China - Children of Blessing" on Australian TV. The documentary is about Lahu girls attedning urban Chinese schools. It reveals how China assimilates its minorities. Actually, Lahus are not only China's minorities. They also live in Burma. Today's globalization has caused huge pressure on ethnic minorities to conform. I hope their cultural identity wouldn't be lost. The girls work hard determined to make their parents and Miss Peng proud. They sweep the boards in the games and score the highest in the Chinese exams. They should be happy but are they? They were lured into China with the promise of a better life. But over the past year, they've learnt they can only have this on Chinese terms. "We Lahu people need to learn to speak Chinese, and just because we can speak Chinese doesn't mean we'll lose our culture and lan

Family Registration in Burma

Burma's military government has told residents in some townships in Rangoon to hang their family photos in their homes and to send copies to local authorities for security checks, according to residents in the capital.

Practical Aspects of Modern Cryptography The University of Washington has made " Practical Aspects of Modern Cryptography " course availabe free online. One of these days, our young students in Burma will be able to follow a course from a prestigious university without having to spend a lot of money. My dream would come true one day.

Future of Burma?

Rev Nandasara (Buddhist monk) added that the situation in Burma is so bad that the Burmese people within and without Burma are too ashamed to say that they are Burmese. Many Burmese people in Thailand are ashamed to say that they are Burmese. Most of my Mon friends won't say that they are from Burma. They always say that they are Mon. Not Burmese :-) I partly agree with them that they are Mon. But they are citizens of Burma (Myanmar). However, nobody wants to say that they are from Burma. Dr. Khin Maung Kyi also said "Within a hundred years from now, there will be no Burmese. There will be no Shans, no Karen no ethnic races. It is a serious problem--killing historical achievements, traditional knowledge and pride of a nation." I think successive Burmese governments since the days of U Nu have killed the identity and pride of Burma. Let's look for the room for improvements and developments in Burma. I sure hope that a

Contemporary Art from Myanmar in Chiang Mai

The Nation has an article about the art exhibition by Burmese artists in Chiang Mai . Burmese artists are not falling behind. If they have freedom of expression, I am sure they will do better. Modern art may have originated in the West, but it offers limitless territory for outward-looking artists to explore. The Burmese whose works are on view here have discovered as much by looking within.

Life goes on in Burma

There have been news about Burma lately in the International media. As I just got back from Burma last Sunday, I have to say life goes on in Burma no matter what the International media say. Life is tough but people are moving on with their lives. People are all used to living without any human rights. People seem to have forgotten what the words "human rights" mean because there is none in Burma. Two days before I left, I went to the Immigration department to apply for my Departure form, which is no longer needed in Thailand or even Laos. Burma is the only country that I know of where you have to go to the immigration department to apply for the departure form to leave the country. Being pressed for time and lazy, I didn't want to do it myself. I paid the immigration officers 3000 kyats (US $3) to do the forms for me. It is hassel-free and saves time too. That seems to be what many people do. While I was waiting, sitting at one of the chairs, I noticed what Thanks for linking to my site. But what he said about me is too good. I have my own weaknesses and do not deserve that much. That blogger said "His heart is as beautiful as a white rose, so pure and so perfect." My heart is just like any other ordinary human beings :-)

I got back from Burma today. Everything went well.

I am leaving for Burma in a few hours. See you again next week!

Cyclone Marla

A 150mph cyclone (named Marla by some) ripped through southwest Burma, killing at least 2, injuring over 20 people and destroying nearly 600 homes in Rangoon Hlaingthaya Township alone, according to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).


I have been really busy, and did not have a chance to write my diary. Helping people is what I have been doing lately. I helped a friend with her US immigration visa application procedures. It was good to be able to help people. It also boosted the confidence in myself. My Thai is getting better and I hope to be able to have intelligent conversations in the near future. I am going back to Burma on Saturday and I am excited about the trip. I won't get back to Bangkok until May 14. I will have a lot to write about when I get back from Burma. I want to see how the real situations in Burma are.

Burma, one of Asia's poorest countries

He Changchui, Assistant Director-General and FAO Regional Representative for Asia and the Pacific, said the followings: He Changchui said that Burma, one of Asia's poorest countries, does not have the personnel or facilities to deal with the outbreak [birdflu] but added that U.N. teams will focus on it in the coming weeks. Burma is one of Asia's poorest countries. When will we wake up for a change?

One reason I don't feel like living in Burma for now

.... Although doing so [registering the Internet cafes with the government] incurs additional charges such as monthly fees and adherence to certain rules and regulations -- such as regular reports to Myanmar Info-Tech of internet users' identities and websites visited -- registering was a safe way of doing business, he [U Thaung Tin, managing director of Myanmar Info-Tech] said. I don't want my identity and the sites I visited reported to the officials. It's invasion of privacy. Dr. Khin Maung Kyi said no Burmese students want to go back home to Burma. Here I am explaining to you why. During the past two years, I have the privilege of using crappy BaganNet service. I think I have enough. I have mastered skills of bypassing firewalls, though :-) It's a skills set you would master if you live in China and Burma. At the Internet Café, they took users' fingerprint scans. My fingerprints were

Young people looking out for opportunities abroad

......, and many younger people spent time searching out details on further study at universities abroad. The above quote is from the article "Cyber cafe deals net customers" by Htar Htar Khin at the Myanamr Times weekly. No doubt many young people want to leave Burma because the economic policy of the current government is not creating job opportunities for young people. We currently have many migrant workers in Thailand. Burmese professionals are working all over the world. I have suffered the last two years in Burma in terms of being ripped of my freedom of speech after enjoying free speech during my school days in the States. If I have to go back to Burma to teach at MIT ( Myanmar Institute of Theology ) right now, I will think it twice. I know that I am contributing a lot to the youth there. However, I need some money to support my family. I also can't just stand it being denied access to

Zhang Ziyi

They think, " How can you be an international movie star?  You are only from China .." For them, China is like the countryside." Zhang Ziyi said those words on the attitude of Hong Kongers. Pic from Wiki: There are a lot of Burmese migrant workers in Thailand. The attitude of Thai towards Burmese are like what Zhang Ziyi said. At the same time, there are Thai migrant workers in Taiwan. Taiwanese took advantage of low cost labor offered by Thai migrant workers. Yet, the Thai migrant workers get negative press coverage in Taiwanese newspaper. Similarly, Burmese migrant workers get negative coverage in Thai media. We are now in globalization age. I wish people wouldn't look down on one another no matter which country they are from and what skin color they have.

Koh Samed Island

Picture from We went to Koh Samed island for the weekend. It was about 2 and a half hour bus drive from Bangkok. After getting off the bus, we had to take a boat to get to the island. The fees for the entrance to the national park was 20 bahts for Thai nationals and 200 bahts for foreigners. We pretended to be Thai and got away with paying 20 bahts for each. We had a hard time getting a room for seven of us. There were a lot of tourists there. After cruising through the island for about 2 hours, we managed to get a small room for Bahts 1,700. It was a small guest house. We had fun swimming. At the restaurant we met Ma Nge, who was also from Mudon, Mon State, Burma. She has been in Koh Samed for about five years, working as a baby sitter. We also met a few more Burmese people who have been working here for many years. One of them said they could live more freely and work, earning decent income compared to Burma.

Burmese students at the home page of Indiana-Purdue University

Burmese students at the home page of Indiana-Purdue University in Fort Wayne, Indiana (Picture from the university's home page) Fort Wayne has a vast number of Burmese, who fled Burma in 1989 after government cracked down the student-led uprising. Most of the people there are ex-student leaders. Some are ethnic mionrities along the Thai-Burma border, who got accepted as political refugees by the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees). Some of them are US visa lottery winners. Some just migrated to the States to have better lives.

Drawing by Mehm Than Oo


Burma's first cases of bird flu Burmese government being praised for responsible handling of bird flu cases in Mandalay The FAO and WHO today congratulated Burma on its response to what looks like the country's first cases of the disease. "I think they have done very well, they have done what they can with limited resources, "a spokesperson for the WHO's Rangoon office said today. "There has been a positive change ... they have become very open [on bird flu]. So it is good from their side -- I don't think they are hiding." Gleeson today also welcomed the actions taken by the Burmese authorities in dealing with the situation: "They seem to have responded well in diagnosing and reporting this outbreak," he said.

Thailand's Internet access

I tried to visit some proxy servers and learned that Thailand also blocked access to information. So much for freedom of speech! If I have been whining about Burma the last two years, I have to say that Thailand also wants to limit access to information. However, it's not as bad as Burma. Screenshot of 'Access Denied' page in Thai

Studying with candle light Pupils have been using candlelight when the electric light goes off, a pupil told DVB. "We have to buy candles at 50 kyat a piece. 5 candles a night," a parent said. "Sometimes, I bought 2 packets. Six candles in a packet." I rememberd studying through high school exams with kerosene lamps and candle lights.

Friends of Burma Board Meeting

Last month, Friends of Burma had a board meeting. Here is the picture of their meeting in Arizona. Neil and Diana Sowards, David and Doris Horton, Tansy Kadoe and Adam Maung were there. Friends of Burma hosts my web site and they helped me to study in the States. They helped Burmese people in small things that they can. Here is their web site:

The plight of Burmese migrant workers in Thailand

Image There is a new law for registration of migrant workers in Thailand. Workers have to pay 10,000 bahts (US$ 250) if they have registered before. If they are new, they have to pay 50,000 bahts (US$ 1,250). One worker said, "If I have $ 1,250, I would not come to work in Thailand in the first place." Burmese government's failed economic policy can't create jobs for our people and there have been serious problems of migrant workers around Thailand and China borders.

Panglong Agreement

Panglong Agreement Sources

Koh Kret Island

Last Sunday, I went to Koh Kret island in the middle of Chao Phraya River. Koh Kret was founded a long time ago by ethnic Mons whose ancestors left Mon Kingdom after their capital was attaked by Along Pa Ya (the King of Burma). The island is famous for Mon-style pottery called "Hai" which is still made on the island today. I met an old Mon man who can still speak Mon. However, his Mon sounds a bit different to me. Thai influence, I guess. Too bad I don't have a camera any more. So I can't take any pictures. By the way, today is Valentine day. I want to wish all of you a happy Valentine day and may you feel God's love today :-)

The Rise and Fall of Burma's Casino Capital By Clive Parker

I read the article, "The Rise and Fall of Burma's Casino Capital By Clive Parker/Mong La, Shan State" from the Irrawaddy today. The article talked about the fall of casinos in Shan State because of restrictions by Chinese government.

Visa Run

I went to Ban Laem in Chantaburi province for my visa run yesterday. It was a four-hour bus trip to the Cambodia border. We crossed the border and had lunch at a casino in Cambodia. After lunch at about 12:30, we crossed the border to be back into Thailand. Voila, I had a 90-day stay in Thailand again. It took me a day and 2000 Bahts for that. On the bus, I met a Japanese guy who spoke highly of Burmese programmers.

Speaking at Bangkok Christ Church

I had to speak at the youth group at Bangkok Christ Church. I spoke about accidents , about which I spoke at MIT a few years ago.

Chinese google filter only works if you know how to spell

Recently, Google has complied with Chinese censorship laws and filtered search results for users in China. However, some people have discovered how to search results for Tiananmen squre pictures using different spellings. Paul Boutin has a blog entry about bypassing Google's censorship in China. I don't know how good the bypassing is if you use Chinese language. But it's interesting.

Another week gone again

Um.........another week gone again. Time flies. Last week was just programming and programming. My skills in Perl are improving and I am learning more tricks in vi editor. Nothing much about Burma lately. All I do here in Bangkok is just programming and solving computer problems. Boring, huh? ;-) I just want to say have a nice weekend. See you next week.

Picture from MIT

I feel stressed out today. Having problems with my programming project at work. Um..... What can I say? It's just part of life, right? :-) I have to look ahead. When all things are over, I will feel much better. I can't believe that January is almost gone. I have been here in Bangkok almost 3 months. I am learning so much from my work. My Perl programming is getting better and I understand a lot more about image processing. All the more reasons I can't complain much, huh? :-) Have a good week wherever you are! I want to share a picture that was sent to me from the Myanmar Institute of Theology . The picture was a group of MIT's guests participating at the Doing Theology under the Bo Tree program . Doing Theology Under the Bo Tree, a program that is open to seminary and university students, Christian ministers and lay people, was inaugurated in 2000. This program includes opportunities for a week-long study trip to Mandalay, Bagan and Inlay Lake in upper

Professor Salai Tun Than

Dr. Salai Tun Than's picture from Dr. Salai Tun Than of ethnic Asho, was famous for appearing in front of Yangon (Rangoon) City Hall in his academic gown, demostrating against the military government back in 2001. He was arrested until May 2003. He got his PhD in Agronomy from the University of Wisconsin and had served as rector at the Yezin University of Agriculture in Pyinmana until 1990. Recently, he has written an open letter to the Myanmar (Burmese) government urging democratic changes in a very interesting way, for the benefits of all parties involved. I think his letter is interesting. Dr. Salai Tun Than's related news Facts about Dr. Salai Tun Than Vigil for Hunger Striker Salai Tun Than in May 2003 Open Letter to the Myanmar Government


ALOHA 26 (January 17, 2006)

Scanned books

I have been busy lately trying to work on improving scanned images from dictionaries -- Shorto Mon Dictionary and Khmer dictionary. Shorto, H L: MA, Lecturer in Mon 1952-64 Reader in the Languages and Literatures of South East Asia 1964-71 Professor of Mon Khmer Studies 1971-84 South-east Asian languages present many interesting and challenging programming problems. It's fun to work with these languages. There are a lot of research to be done for the languages of Burma. If you are in Burma and a computer scientist, don't get despaired. There are a lot to be done and we lack human resources for now because of brain drains for many reasons. I don't want to go into details here.

Going to church

Happy New Year to you all. I went to Evangelical Church of Bangkok today with some of my Burmese students. On the way back, I spotted a homeless person on the bridge crossing the Sukhumvit road. Please let us remember those who are suffering both in Burma and everywhere in our prayers as we count our blessings. With some of my students