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Chinese google filter only works if you know how to spell

Recently, Google has complied with Chinese censorship laws and filtered search results for users in China. However, some people have discovered how to search results for Tiananmen squre pictures using different spellings.

Paul Boutin has a blog entry about bypassing Google's censorship in China. I don't know how good the bypassing is if you use Chinese language. But it's interesting.

Another week gone again

Um.........another week gone again. Time flies. Last week was just programming and programming. My skills in Perl are improving and I am learning more tricks in vi editor. Nothing much about Burma lately. All I do here in Bangkok is just programming and solving computer problems. Boring, huh? ;-) I just want to say have a nice weekend. See you next week.

Picture from MIT

I feel stressed out today. Having problems with my programming project at work. Um..... What can I say? It's just part of life, right? :-) I have to look ahead. When all things are over, I will feel much better.

I can't believe that January is almost gone. I have been here in Bangkok almost 3 months. I am learning so much from my work. My Perl programming is getting better and I understand a lot more about image processing. All the more reasons I can't complain much, huh? :-)

Have a good week wherever you are!

I want to share a picture that was sent to me from the Myanmar Institute of Theology. The picture was a group of MIT's guests participating at the Doing Theology under the Bo Tree program.

Doing Theology Under the Bo Tree, a program that is open to seminary and university students, Christian ministers and lay people, was inaugurated in 2000. This program includes opportunities for a week-long study trip to Mandalay, Bagan and Inlay Lake in upper Myanmar, …

Professor Salai Tun Than

Dr. Salai Tun Than's picture from

Dr. Salai Tun Than of ethnic Asho, was famous for appearing in front of Yangon (Rangoon) City Hall in his academic gown, demostrating against the military government back in 2001. He was arrested until May 2003. He got his PhD in Agronomy from the University of Wisconsin and had served as rector at the Yezin University of Agriculture in Pyinmana until 1990.

Recently, he has written an open letter to the Myanmar (Burmese) government urging democratic changes in a very interesting way, for the benefits of all parties involved. I think his letter is interesting.

Dr. Salai Tun Than's related news
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Vigil for Hunger Striker Salai Tun Than in May 2003

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ALOHA 26 (January 17, 2006)

Scanned books

I have been busy lately trying to work on improving scanned images from dictionaries -- Shorto Mon Dictionary and Khmer dictionary.

Shorto, H L: MA, Lecturer in Mon 1952-64 Reader in the Languages and Literatures of South East Asia 1964-71 Professor of Mon Khmer Studies 1971-84

South-east Asian languages present many interesting and challenging programming problems. It's fun to work with these languages. There are a lot of research to be done for the languages of Burma. If you are in Burma and a computer scientist, don't get despaired. There are a lot to be done and we lack human resources for now because of brain drains for many reasons. I don't want to go into details here.

Going to church

Happy New Year to you all. I went to Evangelical Church of Bangkok today with some of my Burmese students. On the way back, I spotted a homeless person on the bridge crossing the Sukhumvit road. Please let us remember those who are suffering both in Burma and everywhere in our prayers as we count our blessings.

With some of my students