Future of Burma?

Rev Nandasara (Buddhist monk) added that the situation in Burma is so bad that the Burmese people within and without Burma are too ashamed to say that they are Burmese.


Many Burmese people in Thailand are ashamed to say that they are Burmese. Most of my Mon friends won't say that they are from Burma. They always say that they are Mon. Not Burmese :-) I partly agree with them that they are Mon. But they are citizens of Burma (Myanmar). However, nobody wants to say that they are from Burma.

Dr. Khin Maung Kyi also said "Within a hundred years from now, there will be no Burmese. There will be no Shans, no Karen no ethnic races. It is a serious problem--killing historical achievements, traditional knowledge and pride of a nation."

I think successive Burmese governments since the days of U Nu have killed the identity and pride of Burma. Let's look for the room for improvements and developments in Burma. I sure hope that as Burma opens up to the International community, there will be freedom of speech and expression.


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