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Freedom of speech at Rangoon University Excerpts from Wiki article about General Aung San In February, 1936, he [Aung San] was expelled from the university, along with Ko Nu, for refusing to reveal the name of the author who wrote an article entitled "Hell Hound At Large" directed at a senior University official. This led to a university students strike, and the university subsequently retracted their expulsion orders. In 1938, Aung San was elected president of both the Rangoon University Students Union (RUSU) and the All-Burma Students Union (ABSU). In the same year, the government appointed him as a student representative on the Rangoon University Act Amendment Committee. Here is the article taken from : The Hell-Hound at Large Escaped from Awizi, a devil in the form of a black dog. Had been during his brief span on earth a base object of universal odium and execration, ̶ sentenced to Eternal Damnation for Treach

I read about a Karen choir leader in Chiang Mai at today's Bangkok Post Choir leader'splight to be highlighted Payap University in Chiang Mai will today hold a seminar to highlight the plight of the stateless musician Ayu Namtep and back calls for the granting of Thai citizenship to her. Thanaporn Panjira, head of the university's public relations and student enrolment office, said the seminar aims to provide encouragement to the ethnic Karen choirmistress, who has tried to secure Thai nationality throughout her life. At 51, Ayu Namtep has taught music at Payap University for 30 years. Her choir, Payap Sacred Music Singers, was chosen to compete in the World Choir Games, also known as the Choir Olympics, between Saturday and July 26 in Xiamen, south China. Not surprising why many stateless people along the border want to become Khon Thai (Thai Citizen). More opportunities and freedom compared to Burma. A loss of talents for Burma!

I read this news from Shanghai Daily Illgal Myanmar 'wives' return to home country Pulic security authorities in Xincai County, central China's Henan Province, repatriated six Myanmar women last week, who were illegal immigrants and had married locals. In the recent two years, "wives" from Myanmar have become an increasingly noticeable presence in some areas of the province. Poverty is considered a major reason for the illegal immigration of Myanmar women and illegal marriage. Citing Cai Xiangyang, a Myanmar language expert who worked as an interpreter in the case, the newspaper said in those less developed areas in Myanmar, some Myanmar people hoped to go to China to have a better life through marriage with Chinese. However, poverty is also a reason why some Henan people were willing to marry Myanmar women.

Myanmar Cartoons

Today, I checked out some cartoons from: Enjoy some Myanmar cartoons. Thanks to our Myanmar cartoonists and

News from today's Bangkokpost

Thai chopper fired by a Burmese soldier The Burmese military had admitted one of its soldiers fired at a Thai helicopter, but claimed he was acting on his own in the mistaken belief it was a helicopter of the Shan State Army, one of the largest ethnic groups fighting the military junta. The SSA has no helicopters. "Col Mya Han said the private was too young to assess the situation before firing his weapon," said Col Suthat, adding Col Mya Han had punished the private and his supervisor. The private was too young to assess the situation? Sounds like a good excuse! When reading between the line, it's also an admission of guilt that Burmese soliders are too young and anything can happen in the war zone. It is OK for soldiers to abuse local villagers in the war zone?

Updates about Myanmar Unicode

I checked Keith Stribley's on the current Unicode implementation for Burmese. I found out that he has done implementation for the new, proposed standard for Myanmar (which is still in the process of being accepted). Here is the converter to that standard. It can also convert Myanmar Unicode 4 to the proposed standard. His website has lots of information about Myanmar Unicode. Padauk has been the greatest Myanmar unicode font with excellent design. The only drawback is it uses Graphite rendering engine and requires a special build of Firefox, OpenOffice to use.

Updates about gmail/gtalk

Gmail is not accessible today. But Gtalk is.

Updates about gmail/gtalk

Gmail/Gtalk is accessible today in Burma.