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My student life at the Asian Institute of Technology

Doing homework with friends or chatting? :) Nang Mo Phaung, a young Shan lady, and Ko Latt, Information Management students, studying? Photo courtesy: Yin Aye Moe

Former Student Leaders arrested on NLD's birthday

Ko Htay Kywe, Ko Ko Gyi and Min Ko Naing were arrested. And it's going to be brief according to an official at the ministry of home affairs.

Opinions concerning recent military coup in Thailand

A senior Asean diplomat commented that this represents reversion to a pattern deeply embedded in Thailand's political DNA. It will set back Thailand many years. The real tragedy is that the Bangkok elite do not realize this and seem to be congratulating themselves over getting rid of a legitimately elected leader. The diplomat added: "Yes, Thaksin was arrogant. But he wanted to change Thailand, and Thailand needs to be changed to meet 21st Century challenges. This was his real sin in the eyes of the Bangkok elite." By Dan Smith for

All businesses closed today in Thailand because of military coup

The military junta in Thailand has ordered all businesses closed today. We have no school. All the International news stations have been cut. The internet seems the only source of news about the updates. The Thai generals even sound like Burmese generals if you read the statement from yesterday. :) Well, the good point is I can relax at home today. I don't have any classes. At 3:52 AM, BBC and CNN are dropped from UBC, the key cable network provider. Doesn't it sound like blocking access to information?

Political instability in Thailand

Statement from the military reformist The following is the statement from the miliary reformist. There has been social division like never before. Each side has been trying to conquer another with all possible means and the situation tends to intensify with growing doubts on the administration amid widespread reported corruption. State units and independent organisations have been politically meddled, not able to deliver their services as specified in the Constitution. The administration is also usually bordering on "lest majest" actions against the revered King. Despite attempts from social units for compromises, there is no way to end the conflicts. The revolution body thus needs to seize power. We have no intention to rule but to return the power to the people as soon as possible, to preserve peace and honour the King who is the most revered to all Thais.