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Torpak Browser to bypass firewall

I came across Torpark , which is based on Firefox browser. I thought it might be useful in Burma. The technology is based on P2P like connection with its peers. I am not sure it will work behind the Bagan firewall in Burma. In case it does, there you have it. Test and try it out, folks in Burma.

ALOHA from the Land of Smiles

October 15, 2006 Sawadee Khrap (in Thai), Min Ga La Bar (in Burmese), How are you (in English :-) ? "The black coffee is as ... black as the devil ... ... hot as hell ... ... pure as an angel ... and sweet as love!" My friends and I were sipping cappuccino and espresso, sitting at the Black Canyon Cafe at the Major Cineplex movie theatre in Bangkok, and enjoying our Saturday evening after excruciating midterms. People were crossing by as if the world centered around them. After finishing our cappuccino and espresso, we went to the theatre and enjoyed The Departed , in which Billy Costigan (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Colin Sullivan (Matt Damon) compete for the attention of the audience. It was a good movie. The movie finished around 11:30. We took a taxi with five people squeezing in the back seat and one in the front. It was fun, just like in Burma. It reminded me of my Burmese students and Burma. My students from the Myanmar Institute of Theology and I went

Burmese Information minister dodges question on detained students The information minister of Burma's military junta, the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC), tried to avoid questions posed to him by journalists on the detention of 88 Generation Student leaders, according to journalists who don't want to be named.

Thai military coup

I don't think some Thai people realize that the military coup is actually a major setback for democracy in Thailand in the 21st century. Now the Burmese regime has an excuse saying that even Thailand needs military coup. Too bad for democratic reforms in Burma.