Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington D.C, Summer 2000

I was driving on Pennsylvania Avenue when the sound of siren wailed behind me. I pulled over to the side and let them pass. I moved on within a few minutes after a few official cars passed me.

Hledan Junction, City of Rangoon (Yangon), Summer 2004

I was on a crowded bus on the way back to Insein from downtown. Long lines of cars were waiting for the green light because one important government official was supposed to pass across the Hledan junction. All of us were waiting for about half an hour in the crowded bus.

Phaya Thai Road near the Victory Monument, City of Bangkok, Tonight

I was at the Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) eating chicken tortilla. Some people were fixing the phone booth across the street. The police came over and told them something. They all went to the side of the street and were standing there. Surprised, I was watching them and wondering what was going on. A few minutes passed. Police cars with wailing sirens and some expensive SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicle) passed. They went back to work at the phone booth.


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