Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Future of Burmese News Media

The sad news of famous Burmese actor "Dwe", who died yesterday, was not picked up by an established news media, rather by a blogger. The blog entry came up online the same day within a few hours of the incident.

May Dar Wii has been posting regularly with an irregular internet access from Burma. Her blog gives the readers firsthand descriptions of life in Burma.

I am sure the future of Burmese news media will move to the Internet, which is a good thing because it's much harder to censor online contents. Let's look towards the future. Even the Chinese hasn't successfuly been filtering all of the so-called "unhealthy-for-citizens" information. The arms race between censorship and anti-censorship measures have already begun in Burma. I am sure anti-censorship endeavors will not fail.

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