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Wall Street Journal's article on Burma

Wall Street Journal's article on Burma . Excerpts here: As Burma's monks and other protestors risk life and limb by marching against their overlords we [the international community] cannot simply let this moment slip by. The nonviolent resistance of Burmese inside and outside Burma to the brutal military regime cries out for support, and world leaders must at least vigorously stand with the Burmese people and echo their call for change. If they do not respond to the world's truly non-violent political struggles, they send the message that the world responds only to violence.

Moezack's Blog disappeared I noticed that Moezack's blog is not available any more. A few days ago, Moezack posted pictures of monks walking in Rangoon (Yangon). It's not clear what has happened.

The plight of Padaung people

The Irrawaddy has an artilce about Padaung people here . Padaung is an ethnic minority living along the Thai-Burma border. They are known as "long-necks" by the outside world. Because of their unique cultural practice of neck-stretching, they attract interest from all over the world. It's a beauty to be unique in the world. However, it's a curse to be regarded as "objects" for tourist attractions. Here are some excerpts from the article. The three camps [in Thailand] where Padaung live are called "human zoos" by critics. In 1998 Thai police raided a Padaung village in Chiang Mai Province and charged the businessmen who ran the tourist attraction with holding the villagers against their will.

A computer shop owner warned in Mogok

Mogok's Blog Writer Warned (Source: Irrawaddy) A computer shop owner and blogger, Thar Phyu, was warned by the local authorities for operating a computer shop without having a license. It was not clear if the warning was also related to his blog about Mogok because the authorities seized his computer.

Myanmar police force has an IT unit now. Watch your steps!

Myanmar commits to combat cyber crime (Source: Xinhua news)

Burmese people: democracy and freedom of speech in the strictly-controlled island nation, Singapore.

Read the news here . It's against the law to demonstrate in Singapore without an official permit. It's also aginst the law for more than five people to assemble in public. Singapore is a police state, in my personal opinions. I want to visit there one day. I don't think I want to live there. About Jimmy by Jim Jim Andrews wrote about Jimmy (Kyaw Min Yu), Nilar Thein and 88 Generation students' sacrifices. A very special kind of courage

Burmese blogs

Some blogs that are following Burmese news. (They are in Burmese) Low Risk Actions, which can be taken by the public to show their discontent Ko Kyaw Htin, a former student of Rangoon Institute of Technology, wrote this article, which brainstorms many ideas for getting the public involved in the movement to fight for freedom.