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Yet Another Blog?

Blogs Ordinary citizens without training in professional journalism have been involved in the reporting of news using the latest technology on the Internet. A blog is an example of an ordinary citizen reporting to the world what is going on in his community or relating his ideas and
beliefs to the world.

Blogs normally use informal language with spoken style. However, many readers follow blogs with clear messages and interesting content.

Many Burmese blogs, mostly in Burmese and some in English, have emerged recently. The enthusiasts in Burma started Burmese blogs. They later provided the community with technical know-hows and instructions on how to start a Burmese blog. As a result, the number of Burmese blogs grew
quickly in recent months.

At first, the blogs avoid political content. Later, they started to talk about social issues and economic hardships faced by the local community.

Dissidents inside and outside Burma finally joined the blogosphere to promote freedom of spee…