Anger and Hatred

I was browsing through some Burmese blogs for information related to Burma.
Some blogs are very informative and entertaining. Some are very poetic and
imaginative. Some are full of gossips and personal attacks.

Some comments on the blogs did remind me of
while I was a student in the US.

Back in the days of early and late 90s, Usenet newsgroup were the places where
people shared information and ideas. It was before we know the web as we do today.

Anti-junta Burmese folks (they are majority in the virtual world of the Internet)
would fight with the pro-junta people (minority) in discussion groups.

Some people just got tired of arguing and defaced
on August 3, 2000.

People's hatred of the current military government can be seen online since the early
90s. The military has always crushed any calls for reforms in the history
(in 1988, 1996, and 2007 as far as my life span is concerned). The people are
generally not happy with the military regime. They expressed
their anger when they can.

Today's blogs are also just a reminder of how people are fed up with the current
situations in our beautiful country.


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