Diary by Andrew Kirkwood and unsung heroes in Burma

Burma diary - the relief effort

Andrew Kirkwood, Burma director of Save the Children, has been keeping a diary of his life in Rangoon in the days following Cyclone Nargis. It's a good source coming from someone on the ground.

Read his diary here and here.

Burmese people helping each other out

A few days ago, I wrote about DIY, in which I elaborated how we, the Burmese, have learned to struggle through hardships by being creative and innovative. That spirit is seen in the hard work of volunteers in reaching out to the cyclone victims.

From the Irrawaddy:
"Since I don't have the means to provide cash or kind, I contribute labor by
helping distribute relief goods," said Nyi Nyi, a 21-year-old university
student. "Whenever we distribute rice and clothing, I can see the faces of the
cyclone victims light up. It is very rewarding to see them smile."

"They are true humanitarian heroes," said Bridget Gardner, the International
Red Cross representative in Burma, after touring an area where volunteers were
giving first aid to the injured.

After enduring decades of poverty and government oppression, Burmese people
are known for their resilience, having learned to depend on each other from
day to day especially in times of crisis.


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