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China Taps into Burma's Nickel Resources

William Boot reported in the Irrawaddy that Chinese companies would extract nickel in the Mandalay region.
The military government has signed an agreement to allow the China Non-Ferrous Metal Group to develop mines in the Mandalay region to extract a massive 100,000 tonnes-plus per year.
Burma's Ministry of Mines claims that the project will provide jobs for more than 1,000 Burmese, but observers note that China will be the main beneficiary.
"It's reasonable to say that Burma is being systematically plundered for its natural wealth by its big neighbors, China, India and Thailand," said one analyst with an economic development agency in Thailand, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to media.
It's just sad that Burma, as always, will keep selling raw materials because it lacks human resource, technology and facilities to make refined products.

An eye for an eye?

Aung Zaw said in his commentaries at the Irrawaddy and the Wall Street Journal that the Irrawaddy web site and some other exiled news sites were under attack by the Burmese military junta. Even if his claim is true (it probably is), what he did not mention in his commentaries is that the military government is not the first to start this war.

People's hatred of the current military government can be seen online since the early 90s. Back in the days of early and late 90s, Usenet newsgroups were the places where people shared information and ideas. It was before we know the web as we do today. Anti-junta Burmese activists fought with the pro-junta people in discussion groups such as soc.culture.burma. Some people just got tired of arguing and defaced on August 3, 2000.

Eight years after that hacking episode, the Irrawaddy and exiled media groups were under attack. The sad truth of recent attacks is that the pro-government people are eight years behind in technology c…

Chinese milk powder in Burma

Htin Kyaw reported in the Myanmar Times last year that Chinese brands dominated milk powder market in Burma.
I am sure that is still true now.

The latest headlines in China and beyond are baby milk powder produced by 22 Chinese
companies has been tainted with melamine, a toxic chemical. Myanmar, formerly known as
Burma, is included in the list of countries where the products have been exported
according to the following report from AFP.

Chinese officials have found 22 companies produced baby milk tainted with a toxic chemical, state media said Tuesday, in a dramatic escalation of a scandal that has left two infants dead.

Milk powder contaminated with a chemical used to make plastics has sickened more than 1,200 infants in a health scare that erupted last week and prompted a nationwide investigation into the extent of the problem.

The contamination was originally thought contained to the Sanlu brand, with the company apologising on Monday for the scandal.

The 22 companies mentioned by CCTV…


August went past so fast for me working with four dictionaries. Sigh..... Finally, here they are:
Burmese dictionary
Burmese dictionary is mainly based on the Myanmar-English dictionary published in 1993 by the Myanmar Language Commission and republished in 1996 by Dunwoody Press (ISBN 1-881265-47-1)

Mon dictionary

Mon dictionary is based on the Dictionary of Modern Spoken Mon by H.L. Shorto (1962, Oxford University Press)

Shan dictionary

Shan dictionary is based on the Shan-English dictionary by Sao Tern Moeng (ISBN 0-931745-92-6)

Karen dictionary

Karen dictionary is based on the Drum Karen-English Student dictionary published by the Drum Publication Group in 2008.

If you do use them and find any errors or mistakes, please let me know.