Chinese milk powder in Burma

Htin Kyaw reported in the Myanmar Times last year that Chinese brands dominated milk powder market in Burma.
I am sure that is still true now.

The latest headlines in China and beyond are baby milk powder produced by 22 Chinese
companies has been tainted with melamine, a toxic chemical. Myanmar, formerly known as
Burma, is included in the list of countries where the products have been exported
according to the following report from AFP.

Chinese officials have found 22 companies produced baby milk tainted with a toxic chemical, state media said Tuesday, in a dramatic escalation of a scandal that has left two infants dead.

Milk powder contaminated with a chemical used to make plastics has sickened more than 1,200 infants in a health scare that erupted last week and prompted a nationwide investigation into the extent of the problem.

The contamination was originally thought contained to the Sanlu brand, with the company apologising on Monday for the scandal.

The 22 companies mentioned by CCTV included Torador Dairy Industry, a China-Australia joint venture in the northern city of Tianjian. Calls to Torador on Tuesday evening went unanswered.

They also included Guangdong Yashili Group, the report said, which exports its products to Bangladesh, Myanmar and Yemen.


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