August went past so fast for me working with four dictionaries. Sigh..... Finally, here they are:
Burmese dictionary
Burmese dictionary is mainly based on the Myanmar-English dictionary published in 1993 by the Myanmar Language Commission and republished in 1996 by Dunwoody Press (ISBN 1-881265-47-1)

Mon dictionary

Mon dictionary is based on the Dictionary of Modern Spoken Mon by H.L. Shorto (1962, Oxford University Press)

Shan dictionary

Shan dictionary is based on the Shan-English dictionary by Sao Tern Moeng (ISBN 0-931745-92-6)

Karen dictionary

Karen dictionary is based on the Drum Karen-English Student dictionary published by the Drum Publication Group in 2008.

If you do use them and find any errors or mistakes, please let me know.

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