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Zee Avi, a Malaysian YouTube Musician

Keep note, Myanmar Teleport and MPT . Blocking , and would be similar to making this kind of success story impossible.  From  Malaysian YouTube Musician Gets Signed and Tours : Zee Avi, who, the day before her 22nd birthday, posted a melancholy holiday song on YouTube that she intended to be her last video posting in December 2007. By the time she checked her email she had almost 3,000 messages, including a slew of label offers. One email came from from Ian Monotone, who had been shown the YouTube clip by Raconteurs' drummer Patrick Keeler, prompting a signing to his label. Avi is now managed by the same team who works with the White Stripes, M.I.A., The Shins and Vampire Weekend, among others. Earlier this year she was flown from her hometown in Malaysia to a recording studio in Los Angeles.  

Busy, busy

I successfully defended my thesis last Wednesday at the Asian Institute of Technology . My thesis is about bitext alignment for Southeast Asian languages. A bitext corpus is a collection of text in one language with its equivalent translation in another. Bitext corpora are useful for assisting human and machine translations, cross-language information retrieval and language acquisition. I tried to align sentences from several Thai-English bitext corpora. The methodology that I propose can be used to align English with other Southeast Asian languages such as Burmese, Khmer and Lao. I have been busy with all the stupid requirements for graduating students.

An American swam across Inya Lake to Aung San Suu Kyi's house

From NYT : An American man has been arrested for swimming across a lake to sneak into the home of the Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi.