Complaints Choir of Singapore

This is hilarious! You have to have been in Singapore to get some of the jokes in the last five minutes. But overall, it's very funny. Watch at least the first 5 minutes. :)

Some of my favorites: 
"We don't recycle any plastic bags, but we purify our pee."
"What's not expressly permitted is prohibited."
"To the Aunty staying upstairs: your laundry is dripping on my bed sheets."
"Please don't squat on the toilet seats and don't clip your nails on MRT."
"People put on fake accents to sound posh."
"Will I ever live till eighty five to collect my CPF?"

And if you are interested in more, check out this site:


Thawng said…
Thanks for sharing !
I like it and wanna see Complaints Choir of |v|yanma4. :)

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