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Tila Tequila - Hot for Teacher - Myanmar Burma It Can't Wait

'Hilarious' is one word I have to use to describe this video.


I bought a used pink netbook from a friend of a friend. It was only $120. Yes, being a student kind of sucks with no money :) I can't afford this sleek MacBook Air . Acer Aspire One would do fine for me, I think :) It would be very convenient for me on the road from now on. I would be able to call most countries by Skype, and surf facebook to waste time :) I installed Ubuntu Netbook Remix on it. I like it better than Windows XP. It felt kind of slow with Windows XP. Now it's perfect with Ubuntu. The only disadvantage is I don't have Microsoft Office application. Instead, I have a free alternative, OpenOffice. It should be OK. I am going to use this only for fun. Not for serious work. If I want to work, I will remotely log into my desktop from the netbook. I am so happy I got this cheap, honestly.

Burmese Queen by Spoken

This is a nice rap song by Spoken about his Burmese Queen. It's both in English and Burmese. Burmese part was sung by a girl. I think Spoken is an (amateur?) rapper from England. Also nice paintings by U Lun Gywe and Myoe Win Aung! Enjoy!

Complaints Choir of Singapore

This is hilarious! You have to have been in Singapore to get some of the jokes in the last five minutes. But overall, it's very funny. Watch at least the first 5 minutes. :) Some of my favorites:  "We don't recycle any plastic bags, but we purify our pee." "What's not expressly permitted is prohibited." "To the Aunty staying upstairs: your laundry is dripping on my bed sheets." "Please don't squat on the toilet seats and don't clip your nails on MRT." "People put on fake accents to sound posh." "Will I ever live till eighty five to collect my CPF?" And if you are interested in more, check out this site: