I bought a used pink netbook from a friend of a friend. It was only $120. Yes, being a student kind of sucks with no money :) I can't afford this sleek MacBook Air. Acer Aspire One would do fine for me, I think :)

It would be very convenient for me on the road from now on. I would be able to call most countries by Skype, and surf facebook to waste time :)

I installed Ubuntu Netbook Remix on it. I like it better than Windows XP. It felt kind of slow with Windows XP. Now it's perfect with Ubuntu. The only disadvantage is I don't have Microsoft Office application. Instead, I have a free alternative, OpenOffice. It should be OK. I am going to use this only for fun. Not for serious work. If I want to work, I will remotely log into my desktop from the netbook.

I am so happy I got this cheap, honestly.


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