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Kyaw Hein at the Baptist Youth Convention in Insein, Rangoon

Kyaw Hein, a famous actor in Burma, gave a talk at the Burmese Baptist Youth Convention a few years ago. There are about 10 parts on YouTube. Here are two. You can watch the rest on YouTube if you find it interesting. This is only in Burmese.

A Burmese choir by the Myanmar Institute of Theology

Here is the Myanmar Institute of Theology choir singing at a chapel service. MIT is in Insein, Rangoon (Yangon). I was teaching there a few years ago after I graduated from Purdue University in the US. Enjoy.

Chrysler film dedicated to Aung San Suu Kyi


Google's public DNS server is What a coincidence! It just reminds me of 8888 uprising in Burma. Burma's history turned another page in 1988, bringing down Burma Socialist Programme Party. And we are now stuck with the current military regime since then.