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San Patricio

From New York Times : "How far I am from the land where I was born! Immense longing invades my thoughts, and when I see myself as alone and sad as a leaf in the wind, I want to cry. I want to die of sorrow."

What A Friend We Have in Jesus

Oregon Myanmar Christian Church has a great song in Burmese. If you download it from Amazon or iTunes, all the proceeds from the sale go to the music ministry of Oregon Myanmar Church. It's a beautiful song. Vocals - Pyei Sandy & Hsu Hsu. Cast - Pho Zaw, Thein Tan (Myanmar Pyi) , Pyei Sandy and Hsu Hsu.

Burmse Classical Poems

While Googling Burmese poems, I found this book by Friedrich V. Lustig (Buddhist Archbishop of Latvia). The book was published in 1966. It had about 15 Burmese classical poems and their English translations. It seems the book is available in a library at the University of Toronto. Enjoy the electronic version here .