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Libya and me

The political situation in Libya is having an effect on my life. Gas prices are getting higher  recently. I am trying to reduce my driving. :) 

Lashio Thein Aung

Lashio Thein Aung was a famous singer in Burma. " Lashio " in his name is a town in northern Shan state in Burma. He is now living in the US. I didn't realize that his Chinese was so good. Here is one of his Chinese songs:

Egypt or Burma?

I thought the following comment regarding Egypt by Thomas Freidman was interesting: " Indeed, there is a powerful sense of theft here, that this regime and its cronies not only stole wealth, but they stole something so much more precious: the future of an entire generation of Egyptians, whom they refused to empower or offer any inspiring vision worthy of this great civilization. "

Snow, snow and more snow

Image by via Flickr I am becoming a fan of web site. I check the web site everyday just to see if there will be snow or not. I always hope that there won't be when I drive to work in the mornings and back to home in the evenings. I almost slid twice on the road this morning on the way to work from my apartment. I was driving only at 40 miles an hour. When I hit the brake, I almost lost control of the car because the road was very slippery. Fortunately, I was able to regain control and didn't slide into anything.  I saw two cars slide into the road side. I also saw one truck almost losing control and sliding into the snow pile on the side of the road. I am looking forward to spring already.

Ann Arbor

Image by aaronx via Flickr I have moved to South Lyon , which is about 15 miles north of Ann Arbor in Michigan. It is a small town with the population of about 10,000 according to 2,000 census. Moving to a new place is not always fun. I have to memorize new roads and adapt to new environments.  My first day to work was stressful to drive from South Lyon to my office in Ypsilanti. It is about 13 miles drive. The drive is not that bad in good weather. The problem is on snow days when the roads are slippery and wet. It is also very depressing to be in the Midwestern United States in this gloomy weather with snow storms. It's snowing as of writing this. I now understand the real meaning behind the expression, "sunny and beautiful". Coming from Burma, where "sunny" is not exactly equal to "amazing" or "beautiful", I am just starting to realize how beautiful sunny days are. For me, a sunny day in Burma is just a normal day. On the