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I went to Starbucks for a break from work with my friends, Matt and Danniella. I had cappuccino. We sat down and chatted for about 15 minutes. Danniella had to go to work to her other job. So Matt and I decided to go back to work. 

On our way out, there was an accident at the traffic light. A lady was standing outside her car. She wasn't obviously in the accident. But there was a spare tire from one of the cars involved in the accident, which rolled out onto the street and got stuck between her wheel and front fender. She was just standing outside without anybody helping her. We asked if she needed help.

We parked at a nearby parking lot. We walked back to her. She told us that her husband would not be able to come to help her for at least half an hour. We decided to help her.

Matt and I jacked up the car. It took us about 15 minutes. It was cold outside even though it was sunny. Finally, we were able to remove the tire from the place where it got stuck. 

I was glad we were able to help somebody today. She tried to give us "beer money" for our help. We politely declined and ran away :)


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