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Image via Wikipedia It's still cold outside---about 7 degrees Celsius. In American speech, it's about 44 degrees Fahrenheit. It's windy. The cold wind can be felt in our faces as a touch of icy hands.  Yet, it is relatively warm compared to a month or so ago when the temperature was below freezing point and there were snow storms. At least, the sun was trying to come out from behind the clouds. We--my roommate and I--took a short road trip to Detroit. It was quiet on the highway, Interstate 96, unlike weekdays. After driving for about  half an hour, we got off the Interstate and arrived in a quiet Sterling Heights neighborhood.  We drove through the neighborhood to cross into Troy. We stopped by an Asian market. The pungent smell of preserved Asian food greeted us (even from the parking lot). We saw some middle-Eastern-look-like men in the neighborhood. The place was filled with strange and exotic ethnic smells---of food and different perfumes not widely used in mainstream