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Buddhism in Burma - History, Politics and Culture

This is a clip about Burma from YouTube. It's a bit outdated. But it gave you an insight about the past.

Thinking of Burma

I was thinking about two events in Burma that had changed many lives for ever. One was the mass demonstration in 1988 and the other was a smaller-scale student demonstration in 1996. I was in seventh grade when Burmese people took to the streets to demonstrate against then government in 1988. I fortunately lost only one year of middle school because the government shut down all schools in the country only for one year. However, when primary through high schools were reopened in 1989, universities were not. Many university students never graduated (because they left for the Thai-Burma and Burma-India borders to fight against the government or left Burma to work abroad). Many graduated long after they started college when the military government reopened the universities a few years later.  The second time when university students took to the streets in Rangoon (Yangon), it was December in 1996. I was a second year student in medical school in North Okkalapa. The military government shut

I don't want to talk about it

I was bored one weekend. I recorded Rod Stewart's "I don't want to talk about it" with Ko Nyi Pu Lay. It's just for fun. I didn't have any good recording equipment. I just used my cheap microphone and edited it with Audacity software . Here it is.