What a sunny and beautiful day!

Sunny Days
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I have always wanted to write about English expressions associated with weather such as "What a sunny day!" When I learned English poems in high school, the expression "What a sunny day!" never touched me much. I was like, "What? It's sunny, so what?"

Happy New Year
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When I left Burma and arrived in Indiana, I knew the true meaning of the expression during my first winter. It was snowing and cloudy all day for a few days. The temperature was nearly zero (Fahrenheit). It was so depressing and very gloomy for many days. When the sun came out after gloomy days like those, I suddenly said, "What a sunny and beautiful day!"

Being in Burma and the sun being out pretty much most of the time all year except for a few raining days, I took it for granted that it was really beautiful when the sun is shinning. The expression "What a sunny day!" never hit my heart.

Now, being in the mid-west for a long time, I appreciate sunny days very much and getting used to saying, "What a sunny and beautiful day!" :)


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