Peter Chou in Mandalay

I noticed that some Burmese news groups are heavily using Facebook to disseminate news, where they don't face censorship. I will talk about this some time.

For now, the purpose of this post is to share some photos of Peter Chou in Burma. I talked about him being in Mandalay a few posts back.

Today, I came across a photo of him talking to IT people in Mandalay, Burma (Myanmar). I think the photo was taken by Ye Myat Thu of ALPHA Mandalay and somehow it ended up on the Freedom News Group's wall.

I tracked down Ye Myat Thu and he has some more photos. Mr. Chou was apparently giving an impromptu talk organized by IT people in Mandalay.

Please note that the photos seems to be public but you might need a Facebook account to view it.

Mr. Chou was originally from Mandalay. He immigrated to Taiwan and later founded HTC, a manufacturer of smartphones and tablets.


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