Musing from Myanmar with Annie Gaffney

I came across the following posts by an Australian journalist, Annie Gaffney. She is currently in Burma and updating her posts from there. It's fun to read her experiences in Burma.

Here are some quotes from her posts:

The guide book to Myanmar says never initiate any conversation with local people about the political scene in their country right?  Forget about that!  This taxi driver couldn’t wait to share a few home truths with us.  Like:  ten percent of the population have all of the wealth, 90 percent have nothing. 

Apparently what’s happened is that the import duty on cars until this year was about 200 percent.  Now that’s been halved and anyone who bought a car before this year has just lost a bucket-load of money, including our poor taxi driver who paid a small fortune (US$4000) for his broken down old cab which was straight out of the early seventies and sounded like it too!

About eating:
And arrive he does!  High on adrenaline and like us, jumping around with the sheer excitement of being in Myanmar at such a time of dramatic change.   We head out to try our first official taste of Burmese food.  We pick a teahouse around the corner from our hotel that the guidebook recommends.  The cuisine is delicious.  I choose a traditional Burmese chicken curry which is certainly spicy but not hot.  It’s served with strips of shredded flaky pastry on the side, and a small bowl of soup.  While I soak up the sight of locals ambling along on the road outside, men spitting out violent streams of blood-like  Betel juice from their mouths, I realize I’m already enchanted by Myanmar, and there’s more to come.  This afternoon, we’re off to see the famous Shwegadon Paya!


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