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How pickled mango is made in Burma

I thought it was fascinating. Please note that this clip is in Burmese.

How Burmese hear a Korean song

I always think that linguistics is fascinating. No wonder I am in computational linguistics , right? :) Here is a Korean song and how we Burmese hear it. It's so funny. The point is we tend to hear what is in our language's sound system and also the sounds of words we are familiar with. This is a perfect and funny example. If you are curious, you can compare Korean's phonology with Burmese phonology and get insights into why we hear the song the way we hear it in the above YouTube video. Remember, though, that this is just a funny example and not a scientific proof. Just to relax and laugh :) Whoever did this subtitle painstakingly got my salute. :) He/she successfully made many people laugh. Thanks!