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iPone vs. iPad

I came across the following picture on Facebook. I thought it was cool to compare a slate to today's iPad. When I was young (in Burma), every Burmese kid used slates to practice writing and maths. Apple probably stole the idea and invented iPad. Just kidding ;)

Let me explain you the joke in the title, iPone vs. iPad. Burmese word for 'slate' is 'ကျောက်သင်ပုန်း'  [ʧaʊʔ θì̃ bóʊ̃]. The last piece in the word, [bóʊ̃], sounds like "bone". Hence the joke in the title of the post: iPone vs. iPad. :)

Machine Learning Course by Andrew Ng

I have been enjoying courses on and They have excellent and free online courses from such universities as Stanford, University of California at Berkeley, University of Michigan, and a few other great ones.

A while back ago, I finished a machine learning course by Professor Andrew Ng of Stanford University. Here is the certificate I got from Coursera.

From Misc.
I think these websites are great and will give students from places like Burma a chance to catch up with the rest of the world. I hope students from Burma can take advantage of these courses from, and They just need a good Internet connection and a desire to learn.