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Columbia University World Leaders Forum: A Discussion Featuring Daw Aung San Suu Kyi

My favorite is her answer to a Burmese student asking how she could help Burma: "If you really want to come back and help Burma, you must do it with a sense of humility."

Aung San Suu Kyi's speech at the Asia Society in Washington D.C.

She talked about American missionaries such as Judson and Seagrave  (around 20 minutes into the video). She mentioned that schools and colleges founded by their organizations were well-known and were keen on preserving Burmese cultures and dress. One thing that was interesting was her comment about the Burmese dresses American Baptist Mission school girls had to wear during the colonial days in the 30s. After independence, though, she had to wear skirts at her English Methodist school unlike her mother who had to wear Burmese traditional dress.

Burma: now is the time to visit

Quotes from a blog post,  Beautiful photos of a tourist in Burma , by "She travels" blog: " We have been invited to sit down and eat, sit down and drink tea, sit down and chat an endless number of times – and each one of those conversations has made a very lasting impression on me. " " In Bagan we spent an afternoon in a village – no electricity or running water, a mere 10 minute car ride away from the famous temple area and several 4-star hotels. Nevertheless we were welcomed with friendly curiosity and a lot of smiles. " Quoting " From Bagan to Rajasthan " by Nat Friedman: " In Mandalay I was healthy long enough to take an afternoon Burmese class from the woman who ran our guesthouse. A sophisticated and intelligent older lady, fluent in English and an ex-university lecturer, she told me I was the first guest to ever ask for a lesson and was excited to teach me. She knew all about the evolution of Burmese, its relation to the Sri L