Sunday, July 21, 2013

BARS --- You did it for me!

A documentary about the Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies (BARS) Program at the Myanmar Institute of Theology, Yangon (Rangoon), Burma (Myanmar).

Composers: Saw Wilfred, Fine Arts students (2006)
Vocalists: Wude Lay (Fine Arts 2006), Joy Vid (Fine Arts 2007)
Music: Fine Arts Students
Research: Fine Arts Students
Script and Narration: Mu Mu Kyoo
Translation: Htoo Htoo Wah, Mya Marlar
Manager: Bobby Hein
Editors: Mickey, Fredrick
Director: Mu Mu Kyoo
Producer: BARS 7th Anniversary Committee

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Lisu Song

I went to Lisu American fellowship in Kenosha, Wisconsin a couple weeks ago with my wife (July 4-7 weekend). My wife enjoyed it because she had to meet old friends and relatives. So did I. We danced. We played. We had fellowships with new and old friends. We founded and talked about the vision of the Lisu American Association.

Here we are singing.